Dungeon of Despair

Acts16.16-38 ~ Paul and Silas in prison

Leader to seek out two likely volunteers beforehand to prepare them for participation.

Narrator: After Paul and Silas were severely flogged, they were thrown into prison.

Characters: Paul and Silas who don’t have to say anything, languish in prison, (put on plastic handcuffs, check the keys are at hand)

(P) is a positive voice (N) is a negative influence Both N& P stand on either side of the prisoners. Paul and Silas react to their words each time they speak.

Narrator: Just what was going through their minds?

N: Check out those cold, damp slimy walls… and it’s so dark…Can’t you hear the rats scuffling around? How long before they come for you?

You both must be feeling so absolutely depressed? Does anyone even know you’re in here?

P: I would agree that you’ve both been handled unjustly, but God can turn this situation around for you. Rejoice instead; remember how Jesus was set free even from death.

N: Think how sore your injuries are, with all the beatings! How dare they treat you like this…especially you Paul, a Roman citizen! If you do get out you must take revenge on them brothers!

P: No! Consider what God has already done in your lives, remember your wonderful conversions; what about all the people who have already been touched by your messages of salvation. You’ve done brilliantly!

N: But aren’t you both worried you’ll both die here alone and in agony?

P: God is in charge even now! Giving thanks in every situation, like this glorifies your Maker!

N: But you’ve both failed in every possible way.

P: Well done good and faithful servants of the Lord.

Lift up your hearts and sing to the Almighty!

Narrator: “Now in this drama, I said that the characters of Paul and Silas do not SAY anything, that is true, but they do now have to ‘SING’ their favourite chorus at the top of their voices!

We’re going to ask them to do that right now… because if they don’t, that negative voice will continue to trouble their thoughts.

(If the characters are too shy, the congregation can help them sing a favourite chorus or the next hymn, while the negative voice hurries back to his seat.

Finally tell the characters who play Paul and Silas that the key has been lost and they must keep the handcuffs on, until the key is found!

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(linked to this drama: the Dungeon of Despair) ACTS 16 verses 16-38

1 Some people have been bothering you, and making nuisances of themselves and upsetting you. What do you do?

Just ignore them completely and hope they’ll go away.

Say nasty things about them behind their backs and cause trouble for them.

Stand up for yourself and speak the truth, in a loving way, to them.

2 What would be the Christian thing to do?

Some people have been telling lies about you, and encouraging others to believe in their stories about you. They are all becoming quite angry and violent. What do you do?

Run for your life.

Say to them “Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words can never hurt me”

Give yourself up, and let the truth come out in the wash.

3 What would be the Christian thing to do?

You have just been attacked by some people for no reason, you have been beaten up, robbed, and injured and it’s not fair. What do you do?

Cry your eyes out and demand justice be done.

Complain and tell everyone how badly you have been treated.

Accept that this has happened, and that for the moment nothing can be done, and pray for God to enter the situation.

What would be the Christian thing to do?

It’s the middle of the night and everything is dark. You feel lost, helpless and worried. You are in the middle of a very evil situation and you don’t know the way out of it. What do you do?

Hide under the blankets.

Scream and shout and panic until help comes.

Start praying and sing a few songs if you’d like to...to praise God.

What would be the Christian thing to do?

How did you score?

Were you mostly a’s?……in which case you are in company with a whole host of damaged and frightened people living in this world today. So take heart, you are not alone.

Did you score mostly b’s?……you’re not afraid to make your voice heard, but again you are one of many who feel really angry and frustrated about the injustice in this world, yet at the same time you feel helpless to do anything about it. Be careful, you may be handing your anxiety and fears on to others.

Or did you, like Paul and Silas, score mostly c’s? If you did, you may end up seriously injured one day or perhaps executed for those strong beliefs of yours. But at least you love God and you’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe.

Whether you scored a’s, b’s or c’s you must always remember that God is with you.