There seems to be such a vast amount of material in our shops, not only at this time of year, but throughout the year... DVD’S, video, computer games, costumes, works of fiction, spell books the like.

I find it all quite worrying, as a Christian, when we should be embracing all things to do with the light not the dark... when we are told to fight against the works of darkness, rather than embrace them, and experiment. Someone once said that we had unleashed so much evil into out world today, we will never be able to collect it in again!

What we sow, we reap...

Invite the children to count how many words have anything at all to do with

Hallowe'en…in order to introduce this subject…and give warnings!


I know what day it is today, and WITCH festival is usually celebrated today.

This day OCTOBER 31st, is for many a different sort of day, but most days seem the same, and you never know when you come to school whether you’re in for a TRICK OR A TREAT.

But today is WIZARD in some people’s minds!

Teachers think that most children come to school, expecting very little to happen, and they have a HAUNTED look about them.

Some days it seems that they’re little DEVILS, WARTS and all and they can’t even SPELL properly.

The children can also be DEMONS in the playground and get quite CATty with each other,

and in lessons they are too FAMILIAR and just ‘POTTER’ around doing nothing in particular.

Teachers in the staffroom at break BREW up a pot of tea, take their cups and just sit there like ZOMBIES, not knowing whether they’re COVEN or going.

They don’t stand a GHOST of a chance with some pupils.

So why don’t you make today a special day, by grabbing a BROOM AND MAKING A CLEAN SWEEP OF THINGS.

You never know this school might just TAKE OFF! That would be a TURNIP for the books!

Why not advertise an alternative LANTERN party to chase away darkness and look to the LIGHT this year, and make it exciting, with lots of games, with food to eat and lots of colourful decorations?