Behold I stand and knock

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Lyrics and Chords

Behold I Stand and Knock (Revelation 3.20) From the album, ‘Stir into Flame’

This song was inspired by a painting by William Holman Hunt entitled ‘The Light of the World’. In it we see Jesus, lamp in hand,

knocking at a door which is covered in weeds. There is no handle, the door can only be opened from the inside. And so he stands

there,waiting. In Revelation 3.20, we hear him saying, “ If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him,

and he with me.” Sheila.

Intro: 2nd capo (chorus instrumental)

2D A7 D C / A7

Behold I stand and knock, I am waiting patiently,

D G Em A7 D

For you to open your heart to me, come invite me in.


D A7 D C / A7

And I will enter in, and I will dwell in you,

D G Em A7 D

And I will give you the gift of life, a light I’ll light for you

Behold the Son of Man, Behold your Lord and King,

Fling wide the door and be at peace, and I will enter in.

Behold O child of mine, come turn your face to me,

My light will pierce you through and through, and I will live in you.

Behold I freely give, my Spirit from above.

Come give to me your doubts and cares, and open wide the door.

Vocalist: Pete Scott

©1984 Sheila Hamil