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Chris, along with one or two others, was the ‘social conscience’ of the group.

She kept us up to date on human rights and injustices around the globe; also conservation and environmental issues.

Her concerns were reflected in her songs.


Am Dm

When I’m alone, and my thoughts are milling round,

G E Am

I think of him, and the love my friends have found.


I think of peace and of wars that never end,

G E Am

And of the suffering and the pain I long to end.


Chorus:- How will I know

When he’s right here beside me

G E Am

And his love is shining out and pouring through my soul?


How will I feel, when I can look into the faces of my loved ones

E Am

And knowingly say-that he is real?

Am Dm

I think of prisons, the lonely faces that look out

G E Am

Into a world, full of hatred , greed and doubt.


I see the children, and their starving eyes that gaze

G E Am

Back into mine, where they mirror-only pain.


© 1985 C James