Job from Uz

Artwork: Jubilee Primary School Pupils

Job had everything, a big family, a beautiful estate, friends and wealth.

However Satan challenged God about just how faithful Job was, and as a result Job lost everyone and everything.

Job never mourned his losses, he never complained about God or lost his faith in him, and so he ended up wealthier, and even more blessed than he was before.

Satan had lost his bet. Good job, Job!

  • Job’s best qualities were perseverance and faithfulness, despite his suffering.

  • What are your best qualities?

  • If you don’t know ask someone who knows you well. You may be surprised to hear them all.

  • What kind of things do you complain about most?

  • What do you thank God for most?

Job’s possessions before suffering

7,000 sheep

3,000 camels

500 yoke of oxen

500 female donkeys

large household

7 sons and 3 daughters


Job’s possessions afterwards

14,000 sheep

6,000 camels,

1,000 yoke of oxen

1,000 female donkeys

large household

7 sons and 3 daughters


32 Job from Uz : The Book of Job

(to the tune ‘Do you know the Muffin Man?’)

Do you know a man called Job?

Honest man, pots of dough.

Even owned a big chateau,

and he lived in the land of Uz. x2 And . .

Satan wandered round the globe,

said to God he oughta know,

Job would curse him if brought low.

This man from the land of Uz x2 This . .

“Go ahead then “, God said “No,

He won’t waver, he will grow!

Gave the devil leave to go,

and test the man from Uz. x2 And . . .

Soon Job had nothing left to show,

Lost it all, was touch and go!

Vile diseases said ‘Hello!’

to the faithful man from Uz. x2 To . . .

Not one word against the Lord,

Did Job speak to his friends & Co, So

God told Satan he must go,

and leave the man from Uz. x2 And

Now Job’s trials all were o’er.

God just blessed him more and more.

All his wealth did God restore

in the merry merry land of Uz. x2 In . . .

© words Sheila Hamil 2011

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