(Resource Pack 116 ) KEY STAGE 1 & 2

VISUAL AID: Clear force bag which can be obtained from most jokes shops.

It is a clear plastic bag with a zip. What the children don’t know is that there is a double layer of plastic inside!

Insert into one of these layers, three raffle tickets, (e.g. 231,232,233) put the fourth one (234) in the second layer, and hold that layer back when you open the zip, or you could be in trouble!

Invite the children to come out and draw raffle tickets for your car, which is outside in the car park. Put the keys on the table for the winner, with the winning number on it (no 234)

If you hold the bag slightly in the air, the three children will feel for the tickets they can touch and not really see. When they have taken theirs, you must say, ‘Oh well I’ll have to have this one, which is 234, having taken yours from the hidden layer.

You say words to the effect:-

Unfortunately I have won my own car!

Go on to talk about the choices we make in our lives.

The second talk you could try, on the subject of choices is as follows.

Place three objects on a tray on a table, such as a wrapped gift, an apple and a bar of chocolate or packet of crisps, having removed them first from a plastic bag while they watch. Place the plastic bag to one side beside the tray.

Invite three children out to choose any gift from the table.

Comment on each choice e.g.

‘Ah Johnny has gone for the unknown, it may be the best option, perhaps not who knows?’

‘Ah Tracey has chosen the chocolate, a tasty choice, but not the healthiest option.’

‘And Bill, well he has chosen the apple, which will very good for him.’

Then say, ‘I think it’s my turn now. I’ll choose the plastic bag!’

The children will laugh, but then you produce the £5 note which will be hidden inside.

Go on to talk about the choices we make in our lives.

Of course it may be that some wise guy will choose the plastic bag containing the fiver, it’s unlikely, in which case the money should be given to their parent with an explanation at the end of the day. It’s only fair!

It’s also advisable to do this assembly ONCE, word gets round!