Farmer Tom and Farmer Ted

Farmer Ted and Farmer Tom

(A challenge to those who say that the violence we watch on TV and on Video Games does no harm to our minds!)

Ted: Top o’ the morning Tom!

Tom: Top o’ the morning to you too Ted

Ted: Which field you sowing your seed in this fine day Tom?

Tom: Top field, and you?

Ted: I’m sowing over there by yon meadow!

Tom: And what seed you sowing this year Ted?

Ted: Oh quite a variety this year Tom; well tried the whole world over.

Tom: What’s that then Ted?

Ted: I’ve got one packet of violence and bloodshed; one packet of disrespect and ridicule. Ooh and I’m also trying selfishness and greed this year, and also lust is a must.

Tom: (pause) Oh Ted, think what you are doing lad! What you sow, you reap!

Ted: Oh Tom, don’t be a killjoy! Where’s the harm in it, I ask you?

Tom: Seriously Ted, you’re asking for a whole heap of trouble.

Ted: What would you know Tom, you and your old fashioned ways. It’s all about freedom and free expression these days; anything goes.

Tom: No give me barley any day! That’s real food for the body and soul.

Ted; Oh Tom, you’re so full of corn, you’re a ‘maize’ in! So wheat behind the ears.

Tom: Well I wouldn’t like to be around at Harvest in your top field, I’ll tell you! Those kind of cereals will lead you astray!

Ted: Well I might genetically modify them a little bit!

Tom: You’re still asking for a load of trouble. I’m off!

Ted: Top of the morning any ways.

Tom: Over the top if you ask me!