Dives and Lazarus

Luke 16.19-31 ~ Rich and Poor

A drama again taken from a parable, offered in a humorous way with serious undertones.

Narrator stands centre stage, with a poor man lying on a raised surface or table to his left. Rich lady enters from the right, with large cream cake, and puts it on the table.

Rich Lady: I wouldn’t, I shouldn’t, I couldn’t, but I will. (Picks up cream cake)Twist my arm, won’t do any harm. (Eats cake and enjoys it).

Narrator: (Reads from Luke 16 verse 19). There was a rich man dressed in purple and fine linen, and lived in luxury every day. (Rich lady models her fur coat, and continues to enjoy her cream cake).

Narrator: And at his door was laid a beggar named Lazarus. He was covered in sores and longed to eat what fell from the rich man’s table. Even the dogs came and licked his sores. (Poor man lifts his hand weakly, begging for food).

Newsreader: (Behind TV screen of cardboard). Here is the news….. (Information here collected from most recent stories of disasters, poverty, injustice, starvation, flooding etc).

Narrator: And now back to the rich man’s house.

Rich Lady: I simply cannot do without so large a car. I use my Lamborghini when I don’t go quite so far. I love my period furniture, my antique telephones, and I really do believe in outdoing Mrs Jones. For our holiday this year, we’re just sailing in the yacht, so we can have sufficient cash to buy a hat for Ascot. What do you buy for birthdays when the kids have everything, or when Christmas comes round yet again, my head is in a spin! (Front doorbell sounds).

Collector: Christian Aid! Can I have your envelope please?

Rich Lady: I’ll try to be quick. (Aside) That’s the third one this week. (Handing the envelope to the collector). Thank you.

Collector: Excuse me, you’ve forgotten to put something inside.

Rich Lady: Just a tick, I’ll try to be quick. Aside; pushy people make you sick. (As she can’t find spare cash she raids her child’s piggy bank for a coin). The kids won’t mind, they’ve got to learn to be kind. Thank you. (Hands over the envelope once more). Of course I give to charity, what do you take me for? I give them all the coins I have, do they expect me to give more? I live in the lap of luxury, I cannot tell a lie. And I intend to live this way until the day I (Has heart attack or chokes)

Narrator: Die!

(verse 22) The time came when the beggar too died, and the angels carried him to Abraham’s side. (Beggar rises and dances or moves to Narrator’s side. Glockenspiel can be used to represent ascent).

Narrator: The rich man was also buried, in hell, where he was in torment. (Rich lady descends to hell writhing in agony. Glockenspiel can be used to represent descent).

Narrator: The rich man looked up and saw Abraham far away, with Lazarus by his side.

Rich Lady: (Uncomfortably hot, still in fur coat). I say, I’m most frightfully sorry, but is there a teensy-weensy drop of water up there? It’s awfully hot down here, and I’m rather thirsty.

Narrator: (Verse 25) But Abraham replied “Remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, while Lazarus received bad things, but now he is comforted here and you are in agony.

Rich Lady: Well! I’m just off to warn my family about this. So it really is true after all, I won’t be long. I’ll be right back.

Narrator: No! They have Moses and the prophets, let them listen to them.

Rich Lady: But don’t you see, if someone from the dead goes to them, they’ll repent.

Narrator: (Verse 31) If they do not listen to Moses and the prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.