He’s coming this way

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He’s coming this way From the album, ‘Stir into Flame’.

There is historical evidence that Jesus lived and died a horrific death, That is a reality that most people would accept. It is perhaps

more difficult to accept that Jesus can be a reality to many people today, tomorrow or whenever He decided to knock on your door

Will you be ready? Avril..


A A7 D E E7

You know they said that Jesus died, but He’s coming this way,

A A7 D E

Better get ready just in case it’s today,

A A7 D Dm

‘Cos He’ll look into your soul, and He’ll know who you are.

A D A Dm

So get ready, ‘cos He’s coming this way, yeah!

A E7 A

He’s coming ‘cos He’s living today.

A A7

He said He’d come on back,


But they said He was mad.

A A7

Even though he healed the sick,


and He raised from the dead.

A A7 D Dm

Well you’d better be ready when he bangs on your door,

A D A Dm

‘Cos He’s living and He’s coming your way, yeah,

A E7 A

Get ready just in case it’s today.



You’d better get ready, ‘cos He’s coming this way.

Vocalist: Avril Pease

©1985 Avril Pease