David and Goliath

Artwork: Jubilee Primary School Pupils

This song tells the story of David and Goliath, found in 1 Samuel 17. It must surely be one of the most well known stories ever told.

David was the youngest of the eight sons of Jesse of Bethlehem.

He had been anointed by Samuel as the second King of Israel, despite the fact that Saul was King at that time.

The prophet Samuel and Saul had fallen out, for he had become a weak and untrustworthy king.

One day, when the Philistines and the Israelites faced each other in battle, the enemy sent forward a giant of a man, (roughly three metres tall) called Goliath of Gath.

Day after day the Israelites cowered in fear as Goliath shouted out threats and challenged them to fight him.

David happened along, and was disgusted to learn that no-one had responded to the giant’s many challenges.

So he stepped forward to volunteer. God hd filled David with strength and power.

  • Have you ever taken a risk like David in this story?

What do you think of bullies like Goliath?

. . .Taking up his sling and some stones from the stream, David bravely faced Goliath threat.

He spoke out loudly about his faith in the Living God, and about his belief in God’s strength and power to give him victory.

He told Goliath in no uncertain terms that he would soon be dead.

Circle time:

  • What is it that makes you really mad?

  • Is it right to get annoyed?

  • What kind of things do you think make God annoyed?

God is with people who take risks when they try to do something about poverty and injustice.

What kind of people are needed for this sort of work?

Make a collage of people who are poor and needy in our world. How might we help them?

20 David and Goliath: 1 Samuel 17

(to the tune ‘Marching through Georgia’)

David came with food one day,

to the Valley of Elah,

looking for his brothers

Who were fighting in a war.

And as he neared the battle scene,

saw men afraid to fight,

challenged by the giant Goliath.

When David heard,

he made his mind up there.

“I’ll fight him as

with lion and with bear!”

And so they put some armour on him,

but it was no use!

Instead he faced the giant without it.

Taking up his staff,

he chose five pebbles from the stream.

Then with sling and stones in hand

approached the Philistine!

And as he looked upon the lad,

could not believe his eyes!

“He’s just a BOY!” hissed Goliath.

“Am I . . .a dog,

you come to me with sticks?

Come here, my lad,

I’ll cut you into bits.

I’ll give your flesh up to the birds,

and beasts will eat your bones.

How dare they send such a weakling!”

“Here you come with sword and spear,

and javelin as well!

But I’m here in the name of God,

The Lord of Israel,”

said David, “I will strike you down,

and I’ll cut off your head!

The world will know

the Lord God of Israel!”

Artwork: Jubilee Primary School Pupils