What Can One Person Do?

(Resource Pack 42 ) KEY STAGE 2

VISUAL AID: 10 tick/cross cards & 18 camel cards

In our world there is a massive gap between rich and poor. A story about camels illustrates the theme: What can one person do?

Suitable music: Will you come and follow me? Celebration Hymnal for Everyone

Earth is a crowded place, and it’s becoming more crowded all the time...

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So can anything be done, about this injustice? What can one person do?

Let me demonstrate…invite 17 children (+ 1 teacher off to one side) each of them hold a camel card,


A wealthy man from Arabia died, and in his will he left his 17 camels to his 3 sons.

The will said that the oldest son should be given a half of them (try and divide camels in two and give up)

The second son should receive one third of them. (try and divide camels into three and give up)

The youngest was to receive one ninth of them. (try and put camels into groups of nine and give up)

They all began to argue and fight, because they just couldn’t work it out, 17 could not be divided in that way, unless of course they had cut the camels up!

But they each wanted live camels.

So they all went to see the wise man, and they showed him the will. (go to the teacher) No one wanted to be the loser. They all wanted to keep what they had.

The wise man shook his head and looked at the will. Then he said here I will give you one of my camels, you may add it to the 17 your father left you. (teacher gives her card)

Now they had 18 camels, and all of a sudden, it seemed they could solve their problem

1 The oldest brother got a half… 9, and he was happy

2 The next got a third…. 6, and he was happy

3 The last brother got a ninth…2 and he was happy ... 9+6+2+=17

Amazingly they had one camel left over, so they gave it back to the wise man….

One wise and generous person had decided to give, and he decided he would make the first step to solving the dispute

One person saved the situation, and he was a wise man.

Looking at the unfairness of our world today, will you be one who gives, will you be more generous.

Will you help to fight injustice?

Reading: Luke 16. 19