We Don’t Speak the Lingo

Pentecost play

A different look at what happened in the upper room at Pentecost. (Acts 2)

Peter: Morning all

All: Morning

Peter: Well, what are we going to do today then?

All: (Evasively) Mm…….mmm…….

Peter: How about giving succour to the needy?

All: Mmmm…….mmm

Matthias: Not really my speciality.

Matthew: Perhaps another day

Peter: OK, how about visiting the orphan and the widow in their distress?

Matthias: Not much call for that these days

Peter: OK, what about showing love and compassion to all people?

Matthew: Gosh, is that the time?

All: Mmm……mmm

Peter: I know, why don’t we spread the good news to the whole world?

Matthias: What, now?

Peter: Yes!

Matthew: Ah, but you see, a bit of a teensy weensy problem. Don’t speak the lingo.

Matthias: Yes, big problem that

All: Mmm……..mmm

Matthew: ‘Cos look, you’ve got Jews outside, from all over the place. You’ve got yer Parthians and Medes - and which of us here has got GCSE Parthian? Then there’s yer Cappadocians, well, I can order a pint of real ale in Cappadocian, ‘cos I used to live with one for a while, but I don’t mind betting none of us have been to Phrygia.

Matthias: Fridge here? Nah. Too cold.

Matthew: Well, there you are, and I have to admit my Mesopotamian is pretty rusty.

Matthias: Yeah, just like my fridge!

Peter: Hmmmm. So how are we going to spread the good news to all nations?

Matthias: Hey - look at that wind - look out!

Wind rushes past all disciples and rushes back.

All say in turn:-




Snakke du Norsk? (Pronounced Snacker doo Noshk)

Vorsprung durch technik

Jag kan talar svenska



“Whey aye man. Who needs GCSE’s when you’ve got the Holy Spirit.!”

(Geordie last language of all, or some other local dialect