The Prodigal Son original version

21 The Prodigal Son : Luke 15.11-32 (original version)

Artwork: Prodigal Son by Harry Lisgo

A son once said, “Dad I’m leaving home,

Please, let me have my share,

of all your wealth and your estates!”

This son just didn’t care.

He not long after packed his bags,

and hurried far from home,

But frittered, every coin away

And soon was all alone.

He had no-one to turn to then,

and famine hit quite hard.

The only job for miles around,

was in the pigs’ swill yard.

He ended up just feeding pigs,

and better fed were they.

He longed to fill his belly with,

the pods he gave away.

“What have I done?” the boy cried out.

“The servants way back there,

who worked upon my father’s farm,

they all had food to spare!

“I’m going home,” the son declared,

“I’ll meet dad face to face,

I’ll say, “I’ve sinned ‘gainst heaven and home,

And I’m a right disgrace!”

“No longer fit to be your son,”

(He chanted all the way)

“Let me just be your hired hand,

O father let me stay!”

The father watching out for him,

just sped to him and cried,

Bring rings and sandals, robe and all,

I thought my son had died.

The older son had worked so hard

and never had reward,

“ Now that HE is back, “ he growled,

“you treat him like a lord!”

The father calmed the older son,

“All that is mine is yours!

But he was dead and now he lives,

was lost and now he’s found!”

© S Hamil Jan 12th 2014