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Lyrics and chords

10. Lullaby

The tune of this song came first, rather than the words, as I sat at the piano grieving over the murder of a young girl, a former pupil of mine.

Through prayer I received a mental picture of a child held in God’s arms. I knew she had found peace in Him.

Intro: instr based on verse

1st capo G

G Am7 D7sus D7 G

Go to sleep, my little one, rest well in God’s arms.

Am7 D7sus D7 G

For you are a child of His, rest in love.

G Am7 D7sus) D7 G

Go to sleep my little one, now that night has come,

Am7 D7sus D7 G

Morning time will soon be here, rest in peace.

G Am7 D7sus D7 G

Go to sleep bright shining light, you’ll forever shine.

Am7 D7sus D7 G

You will always be my child, God’s and mine.

©1992 Sheila Hamil