Unwanted emails

Having to delete 40+ unwanted ‘Viagra’ e-mails every single day is no joke. This poem is my protest.

Customer Dissatisfaction ~Unwanted e-mails

I am heartily sick of receiving,

the e-mails that tell me I should,

Buy tablets and potions

capsules and potions

to ensure my love life is good.

I’m heartily sick of hearing,

(fed up to the back teeth I am)

of Cialis, Viagra

with the force of Niagara,

intercepted by my Anti-Spam.

I wonder why no-one has told them,

what they offer is selling folk short,

find someone who’s true,

romantic, not blue,

cause' such love can never be bought.

And I’ll tell you that which is missing,

in today’s world, that’s hard to be found,

commitment and trust,

contentment, not lust,

and TENDERNESS~ the sexiest thing around.