Nehemiah Rebuilds the Wall: Nehemiah Chapters 1-5 (to the tune ‘If you’re happy and you know it’)

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Lyrics and Chords: 5th capo G OR C Intro: * * * (3 beats of the cymbals only)


Nehemiah journeyed to Jerusalem,


for its ruined walls, he had a stratagem.

F Dm

And he had the king’s permission


to rebuild and try and fix ‘em,


with the help of a little band of men. * * * (3 beats of the cymbals only)

There were those who were not happy with his plan,

and they criticised his work down to a man.

They sent rumours to and fro,

an attack was set to go.

But the work went on and on ad nauseam.

When they tried to coax N’miah out of town,

said, “I’m doing a great work, and can’t come down!”

You see he had the knack

of avoiding every trap.

Very soon the walls rose high above the ground.

It took two and fifty days to build the wall.

Nehemiah thanked his team one and all.

Did not rest upon his laurels,

as they all put down their trowels,

for a safe and holy city he foresaw.

He supervised some very godly men,

to oversee the city, guard it even then.

Brought the people to their senses

even organised a census.

Taught his people how to worship God again.

© words Sheila Hamil 2011