Solomon’s Dream

Artwork: Sheila Hamil from an idea by Ann Boardman

What would you wish for if you could have anything you wanted? Discuss.

King Solomon was asked this question in a dream one night and we hear what he asked for in this song.

God granted him his request because he asked, not for money or health but for the wisdom to help him reign successfully as king.

God also blessed him in so many other ways, because he was so pleased with Solomon’s answer.

  • Find out what other gifts God also gave to Solomon?

  • Now think of a ‘godly SELFLESS gift’ that you would like to have; one that will bless others through you.

  • What would it be? Discuss your answer with someone else.

Circle time: Write down all the godly gifts God has given your friends, and then share all your answers in a positive way.

Find out all you can about King Solomon, and make a mini book about his life.

22 King Solomon’s Dream: 1 Kings 3.7-15

(to the tune ‘Sing a song of sixpence’)

“If I could give you anything

whatever would it be?”

said God, one night, to Solomon,

when he was fast asleep.

And as he lay there dreaming,

he began to sing,

“Right I’ve made my mind up,

I need wisdom to be king!


God was pleased with Solomon,

he hadn’t asked for money.

He hadn’t asked for long life,

nor each day to be sunny.

Because he asked for wisdom,

with riches he was clothed;

and long life and glory,

the wisest king of all!

© words Sheila Hamil 2011