A Way of Loving

John 21.15-17 ~ Simon, do you love me?

Drama performed in London to accompany sermon based on Jesus' words to Simon Peter:- Do you love me?

The Greeks have a few words for love, we have one, but it is packed with so many different meanings.

(All actors stand in line, facing the congregation, with each one stepping forward for their own particular mime/movement.

First we have brotherly love:

(two youngsters step forward with a high five, knuckle touching movement almost like a dance, and return to their place)

Then we have sisterly love:

Sis 1: Hi, may I borrow your new top?

Sis 2: Of course if I can wear your new jeans tonight.

Sis 1: Forget it...love you

Sis 2 Love you

Then we have our love for the 'box';

Man marches in , sits himself down, and presses the remote control. He is there in place for the rest of the drama, flicking his switches.

Then mirror love:

One holds imaginary (or real) mirror up. The other person gazes on, using words like:-

Will I do? Do I look good? I most certainly do. In fact you look amazing!

Then of course there's 'romantic' love:

Lovers enter

Daphne....Charles....Daphne....Charles....DAPHNE..CHARLES!! (They hold hands and stare into each other eyes)

And a more mature loving:

Cynthia: Do you love me as much now Albert, as you did then?

Albert: Yes, now get out of the way of my football!

There's the love we attach to food:


(Mime follows where one person most reluctantly give up her last sweet for the other, then demonstrates that she wished she had not given it.)

Then we have a love for pop idols:

All characters stand in line in order of age:

the youngest sighs and says, 'Darkness'

the next oldest sighs and says 'Westlife'...and so on, bringing in generational favourites such a David Bowie, Frankie Vaughan, Perry Como etc.,

....right up to the last person, who is really getting on in years who sighs and says, Darkness! Everyone looks and stares in her direction!

And finally the ultimate in loving, the sacrificial love we hear of in Jesus who laid down his life for us all.