Don’t be sad and lonely

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Lyrics and chords

Don’t be sad and lonely (Philippians 3.13-14) From the album, ‘Inside Out

So many of us are wrapped up in the past, sometimes tortured by its painful memories. This song was inspired by this reading

from St Paul’s letter to the Philippians in which he encourages us to leave the past behind us – and look what’s present and to the

future, for God is waiting there. Sheila

Intro; 2 G A7 D


Don’t be sad and lonely,

A7 Bm

Don’t let clouds surround you

G A7

Live your life, don’t waste it away.


Leave the past behind you,

A7 Bm

don’t let memories haunt you.

G A7

Let the breath of God, breathe~


On you.

Whatsoe’er is noble,

pure as snow in winter,

lovelier than the finest rose;

Fill your mind with such things,

truth and beauty blending,

love that’s never ending, fill ~

your heart.

Loving and forgetting,

knowing true forgiveness,

only then will peace guard your soul. (PRESS ON)

With the future calling,

gaze on each new morning.

Goals to which God called you, wait ~

for you

Vocalist: Sheila Hamil

©1988 Sheila Hamil