Mr Big and Mr Small

~ MAKE POVERTY HISTORY (Resource Pack 106) All Key Stages

VISUAL AID: Mr Small enters carrying an empty bowl, Mr Big enters wearing a big important hat. He is carrying Monopoly money in his hand. They each have a plastic bag of tomatoes behind their backs, and when they hear the word tomatoes they show them. A packet of coffee can be shown in this way too.

This assembly helps the children a little more behind the need for Justice in trade, and highlights the need to MAKE POVERTY HISTORY

This is Mr Small

This is Mr Big

Mr Big has lots of money

Mr Small has very little

Mr Big decides to give some money to Mr Small

Mr Small is happy

Mr Big gives him a hundred pounds, which is a lot of money to Mr Small

Mr Small is very happy indeed

Mr Big wants his money back, plus fifty pounds more

Mr Small has used some of the money, but he can’t pay all of it back just yet. He can't pay the extra money.

So he is in debt

He is worried? What will he do?

Mr Small sells tomatoes to keep his family alive

Mr Big wants to sell tomatoes in Mr Small’s street at half the price, he can do this because he is rich.

Mr Small does not want Mr Big to sell his tomatoes where he lives, but he can’t stop him, after all he owes him money.

Mr Small can’t sell his tomatoes any more.

He cannot feed his family.

Mr Big wants Mr Small to grow coffee for him instead. Mr Big likes coffee, and so do his rich friends, and he can make more money. Mr Big buys the coffee from Mr Small

Mr Small doesn’t get very much money for his coffee from Mr Big, and his family can’t eat coffee for food, and his family are all very worried.

Mr Big is very happy

Mr Small is not. His family are very,very hungry.

Miss Wise comes along wearing her white ‘MAKE POVERTY HISTORY’ armband.She has something to say to Mr Big.

Mr Big thinks Miss Wise should go away and mind her own business.

Miss Wise says to Mr Big…

You should not ask Mr Small for your money back. He is too poor and his family are hungry. You with your money could help them to live.

AND you should not be selling your tomatoes at half the price of his. Mr Small’s family could die.

AND you should let Mr Small grow the kind of food which his family can eat themselves,

What you have been doing is very wrong, because you have more than enough, he has nothing at all.

Who agrees with Miss Wise?

Suitable Music:: ‘Sometimes I wonder’ Track 8 from Songs for Every Assembly

Or ‘I am the bread to feed the world’ from The Best of United Folk