Christmas...the best gift

Vis aid:-

Large cardboard box, full of junk

It 's in here somewhere- (I know it is-)

…….the reason for Christmas!

If I could get into the box I could find it.

Unfortunately the lid is on, and taped down.

For some people Christmas is a painful time, an empty time, it brings back painful memories of happier times, it only emphasizes their loneliness, so they keep the lid on and shut it all out.

The real meaning of Christmas is here somewhere

(pull out large carrier bags)

Can't get in here for carrier bags.

Some believe that spending will help them find something of the spirit of Christmas, to buy, buy, buy no matter what the price, regardless of the cost later on.

The real meaning of Christmas is here somewhere

(pull out knotted rags)

Some get so wound up yearning for the right kind of Christmas they tie themselves in knots, and when Christmas doesn't go quite as they planned there's tremendous tension.

The real meaning of Christmas is here somewhere

(pull out shreds of paper)

Some people get to Christmas and they're worn out to a frazzle, because they've worked far too hard to get everything just right.

The real meaning of Christmas is here somewhere

(pull out wool )

Then there's the softer, sentimental side. The white wool reminds me of 'I'm dreaming of a White Christmas', Santa's fluffy beard, icing sugar on top of Christmas cakes. All now an essential part of Christmas, but do they show us the reason behind Christmas? Not really.

(put box to one side)

For some it's all just too much hassle, and Christmas gets put firmly to one side.

(pick up the manger)

The reason we don't always find what we're looking for is that we're looking in the wrong box in the first place.

(pick up the crib)

If we are searching for the reason behind Christmas, and we look into this box, we'll find it straight away.

A tiny baby, the Christ, Jesus , Son of God, a gift given free to us all. Let's put the Christ back into Christmas this day, and receive him into our lives.