Outside the Courthouse

Mark 26. 57-58 ~ Jesus’ arrest

Here are some more dramas hot off the press, by pupils of Churchill Community College. They will all be written in a similar newsflash style as the Palm Sunday drama. The inspiration for this one comes from the recent enthronement of the new Archbishop of Canterbury, where, outside the cathedral, were placards bearing groups who shouted out their chants for or against Rowan Williams, (along with a drunk who claimed to be God.)

But here in this drama we see and hear a similar crowd outside the courthouse where Jesus is being tried.

This drama can be followed by the rap Barabbas the Brigand, (see contents page)

Outside the Courthouse:

The presenter stands in front of three groups of people, bearing placards. She will speak with each in turn:-


In a dawn raid today, Jesus was arrested by the temple guard.

It has been said that he is a danger to the stability of the nation. He is inside being questioned by Pontius Pilate at this very moment.

But here behind me, you can see some of the protest groups that have gathered here in the Forum, to hear the verdict:

First let's go over to the anti-Jesus brigade:

(they carry placard 'Down with Jesus)

He's nowt but a fake,

A waste of space

Who does he think he is?

He's a bit of a nutter,

we heard someone mutter…

And that lot think that he's GOD!

And then of course along here we have the Thank God for Jesus movement, who've come here to give their support

(carry placard 'Thank God for Jesus)

He's kind - warm-hearted,

We've seen him heal the sick,

A hell of a teacher and ever so wise…

Not like them-they're thick!

(both chants follow in unison here)

And of course behind me is a man, all by himself, having no problems in making his voice heard... but reeking of alcohol!- He calls himself the Goon Army(carries placard, The Spirit will set you Free)

Drunk: He's not Jesus I am

The Son of God that's me!

What we need is BOTTLE! (shows beer)

The spirit sets you free!

(all three chants together here)


And now we go inside for a minute by minute account of what is happening at the trial itself.

(Different chants this time

'Save Jesus' & 'Crucify! X5

(after which the drunk says)

Drunk: What time does the bar open?


The same crowd above can be used here for this final chant. Different voices may be used for the parts of Jesus and Pilate.