Called To Serve


1 I offer you today Lord

Try offering the whole day to God, greet Him from the minute you wake up and see the difference to your day. This song by Pete Scott is one of my favourites.

© 1995 Pete Scott

2. Search me O God ( Psalm 139)

A friend, they say, is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. God is that friend.

© 1995 Sheila Hamil

3 Come to Calvary

'If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him deny himself; take up his cross and follow me', said Jesus. For many believers throughout history, and even in our world today, commitment and the laying down of one's life go hand in hand. We have it relatively easy in the west…for the moment.

© 1995 Pete Scott

4 An Ancient Song (Amos 5. 21-24)

The words of Amos, speak just as powerfully for today's world, as they did then.

© 1995 Sheila Hamil

5 An Everlasting Love (Jeremiah 31. 3-5)

God reassures His people that He is willing to take them back into a covenant relationship.

His own children are His heirs, as the children born of His love.

© 1995 Sheila Hamil

6 Hail True Body

This Communion hymn always deeply moved me. We sang it often at St Luke's Wallsend.


Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd., Canterbury Press. Norwich.

7. The Lord bless you (Numbers 6. 24-26)

A well known OT blessing, set to music.

© 1995 Sheila Hamil

8. Are you listening Lord? ( Psalm 88)

The emptiness and desperation of the psalmist are clear here, we get the impression that he is full of doubt. and yet there is a fine golden thread of faith throughout. After all his despair he is still praying to God!

© 1995 Sheila Hamil

9 May your blessing be upon them (Psalm 23)

Initially this song was written for my daughter Sarah, who was working at the time, in India. She was only 18 years old. I didn't know quite what to pray, so in my mind I would take her for an' imaginary' walk through Psalm 23, and offer her to God. Why not as you listen to this song on mp3, pray for someone you're concerned about?

© 1995 Sheila Hamil

10 When you were a child (Hosea 11.1-4)

God's forgiveness never ends; it is never exhausted.

Paraphrase from 'The Smile of Love' Joyce Huggett, page 105 Hodder & Stoughton.

Music © 1995 Sheila Hamil

11 I am the Vine ( John 15. 5-12)

Inspired by a visit to Hampton Court, where there is a truly ancient Vine. Finding out about it, brought this bible reading to life.

© 1995 Sheila Hamil

12 Take eat, this is my body (Matthew 26. 26-29)

If you ever get the chance to visit St Andrew's Church in Greystoke, Cumbria, go in and take a look at the statue there on the West wall. It shows a crucified Christ who gazes out of the high window, to the world outside. This is a song which is a challenge to all Christians to possess Christ's compassion and act it out, as though He himself were alive in us. This song also helped me to realize that the call from God was to serve as priest.

© 1995 Sheila Hamil

13 St Patrick's Breastplate

My call to ministry initially came while singing a hymn based upon St Patrick's breastplate, called 'I Bind Unto Myself today'. So this particular piece of writing is very special to me, so much so I wanted to put my own music to it.

(Words translated by James P Mackay from the book,

'An Introduction to Celtic Christianity by T&T Clark Ltd)

Music © 1995 Sheila Hamil

14 Lighten our darkness

(extract from The Book of Common Prayer, the rights of which are vested in the crown,

reproduced by permission of the Crown's patentee. Cambridge University Press.)

Music © 1995 Sheila Hamil

* songs 1 and 3 copyright Pete Scott

song 6 - copyright Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd, Cantebury Press, Norwich

song 10 - paraphrase from The Smile of Love, Joyce Hugget, Hodder & Stoughton

song 13 - extracts from An Introduction to Celtic Christianity, T & T Clark Ltd

song 14 - extracts from The Book of Common Prayer, Cambridge University Press