Water into wine

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Lyrics and Chords

Water into wine From the album, ‘Stir into Flame’

God calls us to set time aside constantly, to establish a relationship with him, to be renewed and refreshed, especially so

when we’re caught up in chaotic situations. Sheila

Intro: F G C

2C Am F G

The world it keeps on turning, spinning faster on its way,

Am F G

tomorrow becomes a yesterday.

C Am F G

And helplessly we spin there, never ceasing round and round,


and many hopes are scattered on the ground.


C Am F G

He calls us to rest awhile, where sparkling waters flow,

Am F G

to drink of His love that we may grow,

C Am F G

Seek peace amidst the turmoil and know this love must shine,


and then He’ll turn our water into wine. (repeat this line at the end)

He sends us out like rainbows to light the shadowed land,

to spread love and peace where’er we can,

Draw near with empty vessels and he’ll fill them to the brim.

be overflowing jars that rest in Him. (Chorus)

©1984 Sheila Hamil