Parable of the Good Samaritan


Parable of the Good Samaritan: Luke 10.29-37

A man set off for Jericho,

From Salem he came down.

But he was robbed and left for dead,

Upon the cold hard ground.

And first a priest came passing by,

(A righteous man of prayer)

Decided to avoid the man

And left him lying there.

A Levite was the next to pass,

But looked the other way,

As he walked round the injured man,

So there was no delay.

Along came a Samaritan,

Who saw to his dismay,

A fellow traveller in distress

Decided he would stay.

He then poured out some oil and wine

And bandaged up his wounds.

Then took him to an innkeeper

And said “I’ll come back soon.

So see he has the best of care!"

And as he turned to go,

He said “When I come back this way,

I’ll pay you what I owe.”

He gave the man two silver coins,

He gave him what he could.

Now which of these three passers by

Would you say- - - was good?

The first two men were righteous men

Yet they turned away their eyes.

The third showed mercy, he was kind,

Now go and do likewise

© Sheila Hamil 11th January 2014