St. Patrick's Breastplate


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13. St Patrick’s Breastplate

My call to the priesthood came while singing a hymn based upon St Patrick’s breastplate, called ‘I Bind Unto Myself today’.

So this particular piece of writing is very special to me, so much so I wanted to put my own music to it.

Intro: Fma7 Em7 Dm7 G7 C2

C G7/D C/E F C/E D7 Dm/G G7 G7sus G7 G/F

For my shield this day I call, a mighty power the Holy Trinity…

C G/D C/E F C/E Dm7 F/G G7

affirming three ness, confessing oneness, in the making of all through

C Abma7 C Abma7 C Bb C7/E

love, of all through love, of all through love.

F C/E Dm7 Am

For my shield this day I call Christ's power in his coming, and in his

E/G# Dm Am E Am G7/B

baptising, and in his dying on the cross.

C G7/D C/E F C/E Dm7 Dm7/G G7

Christ in the power of his arising, from the tomb, and his ascending,

C G7/D C/E

And power in his coming for judgement and ending.

F C/E Dm7 Dm7/G G7 C Dm7 G7sus G7

For my shield I call a mighty power.

C G7/D C/E

And for my shield this day I call…

F C/E F C/E Dm7 C F/G G7

Heaven's might, Sun's brightness, Moon's whiteness, Fire's glory.

F C/E F F/G C2

Lightning's swiftness, Wind's wildness,

F/G G7 C Dm7 /E /F /F# G7 Dm7 /E /F /F# G7

Ocean's depth, Earth's so li di t y, Rock's im mo bil it y,

Am7 Dm7 Am G F C/E Dm7 Dm/B E7 Am

This day I call to me.

E/G# C/E F C/E

I call God's strength to direct me, God's power to sustain me,

Dm7 Am Am/G F E7sus E

God's wisdom to guide me, God's vision to light me.

Am G F C/E

God's ear to my hearing, God's word to my speaking,

Dm7 Am E

God's hand to uphold me, God's pathway before me.

Am E/G# F C/E

God's shield to protect me, God's legions to save me,

Dm7 Am F Esus E

From snares of the demons, from evil enticements,

Am G F C/E

From failings of nature, from one man or many,

F Am E7 Am G

that seek to destroy me a- near or afar.

C G7/D C/E

Be this day my strong protector.

Fma7 Dm7 G7 F/C C Dm7 Em7

Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me,

F Dm7 G7sus G7

Christ within me. Beneath me and above me

F Dm7 G7 F/C C Dm7 Em7

Christ to right of me, Christ to left of me, And in my lying,

F Dm7

my sitting, my rising… in heart of all who know me,

G7sus G Dm7 C/E F F/E

on tongue of all who meet me. Christ in eye of all who see me, Christ in

Dm7 Dm/C G7/B G7sus/A G7

ear of all who hear me

( Rpt v 1)

Csus C Csus C (improvise etc.,)

Domini est salus, Christi est salus, Salus tua Domine, Sit semper nobiscum

(Words translated by James P Mackay from the book,

‘An Introduction to Celtic Christianity by T&T Clark Ltd)

Music © 1995Sheila Hamil