A Wedding Vow

A friend of mine wrote this wedding vow for his wife on their special day, and I asked if he would mind sharing it on this website.

He wrote back, giving his permission, but also very kindly saying that if anyone else wanted to use it they could, providing they printed the title, name and date, beside the Vow, as on the next line.

Many thanks Richard and Julia.

My Wedding Vow by Richard Gascoyne 24.10. 08

In this place, this Sacred place

I give you my love

and my love shall be




constant and true

On this day, our Sacred day

I give you my whole life,

and that life is yours to

to command

to do with what you will

to have and hold for all time

At this time, our Sacred time

I give you my thanks

For giving so freely of your love

For giving me your wholehearted support and trust

For giving your very self to me.

Nothing I do,

can ever repay you for the changes that you alone have brought about in me.

And I will, with all my heart and soul, do my utmost to be the person that you need me to be.

I will love and cherish you, care for you and bring comfort to you,

I will always be there for you, as long as I live.

For you are my own Julia and always will be till the end of time.