A Brand New Team

(a drama for Yr 6 school leavers) KEY STAGE 2

VISUAL AIDS: Liverpool, Chelsea, Newcastle, Sunderland strips needed.

Also a set of four High School strips.

This talk occurred at a school leaver’s service in a local church, where year 6 children from four different primary schools were due to merge into one large TEAM at the Community College. A volunteer from each of these schools was asked to mime to the following drama.

The script itself will have to be updated every year, but it was designed to help the children think of a sense of belonging and pastures new.

Narrator: This football player with the Liverpool strip on, knows his club are the best, because they reached European Cup Final this year. (*he waves to his supporters)

This football player wearing the Chelsea strip, thinks his team is the best team around because after all they have won the Premier league two years running. (*waves to his supporters)

This football player with the Newcastle United strip on thinks his team are definitely the best because, they’re going to win something next year, or perhaps the year after that, well sometime soon. (*waves to his supporters)

This football player wearing the Sunderland strip thinks his team is the best because ~ they won the last game of last season. (*waves to his supporters)

They all have one thing in common however. They’ve all been chosen to play for a special team, and they have all opted to play, because ~ this is the team they want to play for.


But the BAD news is we don’t have any England tops.

The GOOD news is I do have a set of Community College strips. Now let’s see them practise their skills.


They’re all quite gifted players, but like all good players, they also have weaknesses. Some can be selfish, they hug the ball and don’t pass. Some are a bit aggressive when they tackle, some don’t take their practise sessions seriously. Some are easily distracted and don’t listen when given advice or instruction.


So they will need to co-operate with each other if they want to play as a team.

They will need to encourage and support each other if they are to succeed in scoring, and have a common mind and a common purpose. They will need to build on what they have learned to this point.

They will have to come together, work together and be one.

Only then will they all benefit.

Only then will they all be happy and become successful.


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