To Be Like My Father

(33) KEY STAGE 2

Here we try to help the children to realise that the best way of all in life, is to imitate God, as we have come to know him best; through His son, Jesus

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A racehorse once developed a limp. The local vet was puzzled. None of the tests that he carried out proved that there was anything wrong with the horse.

He visited the stables one day, to take another look at the horse, and just at that moment, one of the grooms came towards him, leading the horse behind him.

'I know what is wrong with the horse, ' he said. The groom has a limp, and the horse is imitating his movements. Change the groom and the horse will get better!' And so it did.

You may not believe that story; here is a similar one, equally true. My husband Bob tells the tale.

There was a family in the mining town in which I live called Chatt… a mother and father and an adopted son .

Tommy was the father and he worked at the local 'pit'. He was the bread-winner while his wife looked after the home and the bringing up of their three year old son.

Over a period of time they noticed their son had developed a limp, which was becoming more and more obvious with time. Eventually it was decided that a visit to the doctors was necessary.

In those days in was usually the mother who dealt the child's medical problems. So off to the doctors they went and were informed that it was a minor 'growing' problem, which would put itself right in time.

The child continued to limp and a couple of more visits were made by mother and son to see the doctor. Over the months there was no change and the son showed no signs of pain or discomfort.

Mrs Chatt decided that the next visit to the doctors would be an all male affair with Tommy taking some responsibility.

She was becoming embarrassed with having made so many visits.

So Tommy and his son visited the surgery and waited patiently to be called.

When their turn came around the walked in to the doctors office side by side.

The doctor on seeing them, said to the father 'I know what is wrong with your son…he just wants to be like his daddy!'

Tommy Chat had lost his leg in a mining accident and wore a false leg which made him walk with a limp.

His son, like many children, looked up to his father and just wanted to be like him.

John 17. 25- 26