If My People

Artwork: Luke, Katie, Leah, Daniel and Jake

This reading from 2 Chronicles 7vv14 is all about God’s people being made new.

Before prayers can be effective there must be no pride or self - centredness, but a genuine desire to draw closer to the living God.

The Bible says that our bodies should be like a house or a temple fit enough for God to live in.

There is a promise attached to this song, that if we humble ourselves and pray, repenting of our wrong attitudes, that God will hear us, forgive us and heal our land.

Do we want our land to be a happy one?

How could we, as individuals, make our home, our school, our world a happier place? Try to make a list of the ways in which we could do this.

Is our news today happy or mostly sad? Look at a newspaper and find out.

Imagine you are the editor of a brand new newspaper called “GOOD NEWS”.

Search your local newspapers for any good news, cut the items out and add them to your newspaper.

Interview people you know, invite them to share some interesting or funny stories which you could add to your paper.

Add photos, advertisements and announcements.

28 If My People: 2 Chronicles 7:14

(to the tune ‘I come from Alabama’)

When the heavens do not open

and there is no more rain.

When locust hordes devour the land,

whenever there’s a plague, (x2)

the Lord says:-

“If my people,

all those called by my name,

will pray in all humility,

repent and seek my face,

repent and seek my face;

then I will hear them,

from heaven where I stand.

And I’ll forgive their wickedness,

and I will heal their land,

and I will heal their land.”

“My eyes they will be opened,

my ears will hear their prayers.

My temple is a holy place

my eyes and heart are there!” (x2)

repeat chorus

© words Sheila Hamil 2011