A New Beginning (Sunflowers)

(Resource Pack 114 ) Key Stage 2 & 3

VISUAL AID: Sunflower seeds and a bunch of large sunflowers.

My sister, Joan, was sharing one of her school assemblies with me today, which I think others might be able to use on the theme of ‘Using One’s Potential’, or even on the theme of a ‘New Start to a School Year’. I’ll certainly be using this one.

I have here one of the most precious gifts given to me. It’s a bowl I was once given by a very dear friend. You can see how very fragile it is, and what a beautiful colour it is.

It was given to me by someone who loved me very much, and this friend wanted me to have this vase, which had been in their family for some time, to say thank you for something I once did for her.

I have really treasured this bowl... Up until now.

Now I have grown to dislike it intensely. I can’t even stand to look at it. I hate it.

You see it has seeds in it.(show the Sunflower seeds to the children) Let me tell you about these seeds.

We had a project at church last year, at Harvest time, and I challenged all the children to collect one of these flower seeds (and put it into their garden or a pot, and then bring it back on the nearest Sunday to it flowering, this year.

I suppose it wasn’t really the bowl I should have been hating, it was the fact that I had meant to plant the seed too, I said I would, I promised I would...but I never quite got round to it. There was always some excuse.

It was raining... It was too muddy... I couldn’t be bothered... There was a good programme on T.V... I’ll do it tomorrow instead...

And it never got done.

Each time I looked at the bowl, my conscience pricked me.

‘You’re lazy! You don’t keep promises! You’re all talk! I told myself each day.

So no I didn’t look at my bowl anymore. It irritated me.

But you know what?

Last Sunday all the children brought in the flowers they had grown from their seeds, when I asked them too, and there were HUNDREDS of their flowers in church! It was as though the very sun itself had come out in that place.

They all looked like these! (Bring out from a hiding place a large vase of sunflowers!)


I wonder what it is that stops you from doing your best? (Ask for suggestions)

In a way we’re like these seeds. We all have the ability to grow, and become marvellous in some way!

School is a place where your teachers try their very best to lead you on your path to become the best person you can be!

Don’t spoil that chance.

It’s a New School Year. Don’t waste what your school offers you.

Don’t waste time not doing your very best!

Think now what you could turn out to be!