What is a Mum?

Ephesians 6.1-3

(Written with Mothering Sunday in mind, but really a drama with a message for children.) Mum faces audience with devil and angel on either side of her. Announcer, has a soft spoken “advertising” voice in the pulpit. All speak towards the audience who represent the ‘children’.

Announcer: What is a mum? A mum is someone who is a peacemaker, a true lover of peace. She aims to bring harmony and understanding into her home.

Mum: (Yells in the direction of the audience as if they are her children) Will you both stop arguing, what’s going on up there? Come down at once!

Devil: No! Get stuck in there, after all your sister started it, you finish it!

Angel: No! You’ll find in the Bible that if you hate anyone, you are hating God. Listen to your mum, you must love one another because God is love!

Announcer: What is a mum? A mum is someone who protects you from the evil in this world. She does her best to surround you with her care and her prayers.

Mum: (Gently but firmly) I’m turning off the television now, the next programme is not suitable for you..

Devil: What a spoilsport! Of course you want to watch it, everyone in your class at school will be watching it, so why can’t you?

Angel: Your mum knows that God’s word tells us to fill our minds with everything that is good and lovely, true and pure. Only then will the God of peace be with you. Only then will your mind be at peace.

Announcer: What is a mum? A mum is someone who offers a comfortable, neat and friendly place for you to come home to.

Mum: (Tired and worn) Oh children! Look at the mess of this bedroom. Come up here and tidy it please!

Devil: No! You’ve been working hard at school all day, tell her to do it herself!

Angel: No! God’s fifth commandment tells us that “children must obey their parents, that all may go well with they and thus they will enjoy long life on earth.”

Announcer: What is a mum? A mum is someone who cares about your relationship with God.

Mum: (Pleasantly) Hurry up, we don’t want to be late for church!

Devil: You’re NOT going to church again? You were only there last week!

Angel: Jesus said “Suffer little children and let them come to me.” She believes in the best training possible to play a responsible part in this world.

Announcer: A mum is someone who loves her children, yet she must be firm in bringing them up and in her discipline.

Mum: (Patient but adamant) I’ve said “no” and I mean “no”!

Devil: Go on, get that bottom lip out, have a big sulk. Good! There’s a foot stamp and a tantrum. He’s taken a real wobbler this time, he’s going to take it lying down!

Angel: If God were a guest staying in your house, watching you at this very minute, what would he think of the way you behave for your parents?

Announcer: (Concluding remarks). Real Christian love should begin at home with those closest to you, and then spread out to others from there.

Parents are precious, look after them too!