Sing for joy

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Lyrics and chords

Sing for joy (Jeremiah 31) From the album, ‘Inside Out

“I have loved you with an everlasting love,” Jeremiah 31. Rose


D G Maj7

Sing for joy Israel,

Em7 A sus 4

Sing for joy, the Lord has saved His people.

D maj7 G Maj7 F♯m

He has gathered them from the ends of the earth,

B m Em Asus4 D

They will come and sing for joy on Mount Zion.

Bm F♯m

I the Lord have saved my people,

Bm E

I will guard them like a shepherd,

Bm F♯m

I will bring them to streams of water.

Em7 A sus4-A7

Guide their paths, so they will not stumble. Chorus

I will give them gifts of love,

They will share my bread and wine,

They will be my fertile garden,

Safe from harm, they will lack nothing. Chorus

Girls will dance in celebration,

Young men, old men shall rejoice,

All their mourning will turn to joy

And gladness will take the place of sorrow. (Chorus x2)

©1988 Rose Nixon