The Christmas Story Musical Script

At last I'm delighted I've been able to trace two lost files...this script tells of 'The Christmas Story' (see also 'The Easter Story').

To be used alongside the lyrics and music scores also available on this website.

*There are five scripts containing narration, prayer and three songs, for use on five separate school assemblies, which can be enhanced by using life-size puppets to act out what is being said. The musical can also take the form of mime if no puppets are being used; small speaking parts could be added.

The Christmas Story: Day One. (Characters:Zechariah,Elizabeth,Angel,Mary)

Song 1 :- In the Beginning Medley (John 1vv1-5: 1vv 9-14: 3vv1-16)

(solo dance with battery candle, set candle down continue into livelier dance routine in second medley song; cheerleader dance to finish)

Narr:- Did you know that the very first baby born in the Christmas Story, in Luke's gospel, was not Jesus, but John. This baby would later be known as John the Baptist, cousin of Jesus, and he had a very important job to do; that was to tell God's people that the Messiah, the King was on his way, and they had to get ready. His birth was mysterious too, just as Jesus' was.

John's father was a priest, and while he was serving in the temple an angel appeared to him, and he was absolutely terrified. This angel came to tell him that he and his wife were to have a child, even though they were very old. Because he questioned the angel, he was struck dumb for a while, until the baby was born. But at first he couldn't speak at all to anyone, other than make signs. Naturally, his wife Elizabeth, was desperate to find out what had happened to him.

Song 2 :- Zechariah, Zechariah (Luke1vv5-24) (Elizabeth chases Zechariah between each verse to find out why he is not speaking. In the final verse, when told she is to have a baby, she faints and is helped off stage by Zechariah)

Narr:- God also sent an angel to visit a young girl called Mary, who was betrothed, but not married, to a man called Joseph. The angel's message to her was that she too was going to have a child, but this child would be called Jesus, the Chosen One; the Son of God! All that was needed was Mary's permission for this to happen, after all she was a virgin. What would Mary's answer be? (Luke1vv26-38)

Song 3 :-Rejoice O highly favoured one (Luke1vv26-31) (Mary is surprised by an angel, and the two talk with each other during the singing of this song, then Mary nods her 'Yes')

Narr:_ Mary did say, "Yes" and the angel left her. (Luke 1 vv 38) So she travelled to Elizabeth's house, for the angel had told Mary about her baby too. They had such a lot to talk about. (Luke 1vv 39-40) (they depart chatting)


Almighty God,

We thank you that you sent your light into this world of darkness, to show us the way to go through life. Help us not to stray from this path, and keep us all in your care. Amen.

The Christmas Story: DayTwo. ( Characters: Joseph ,Mary, angel, donkey,innkeepers, baby)

Narr:- Of course Joseph was furious when he heard Mary's news, because he knew the baby wasn't his. Wouldn't you have been angry? But he was a good man, who did care very much for Mary, and he didn't want her to be humiliated, so he decided to divorce her quietly. That was, until an angel spoke to him in a dream. Then he realised that Mary had been telling him the truth. (Matt 1vv 19-21)

Song 4: Listen Joseph(Turn Joseph puppet horizontally, and drop a piece of cloth, attached to two rods, in front of him, to give the appearance of a bed. An angel appears and whispers in Joseph's ear as he dreams.)

Narr:-And so the time came for the child to be born; and because of a Roman census, where everyone had to be counted, they found themselves in Bethlehem city far away from home, without a place for them to rest.

The town must have been very busy, because of the census, for the only place in which they could find shelter was a stable, for there was no room for them at the inn. (Luke2vv4-7)

Song 5: No room at the inn.( Mary and Joseph travel in on a donkey, made of thin plywood on a rod, and they knock at the door of four innkeepers in turn. They are refused entry. In the final chorus one comes back to offer them a stable. They disappear behind the screen. Shepherd puppets can double up as innkeepers)

Narr:- It couldn't have been very comfortable for the baby that night, because he had to be placed in an animal's feeding trough, or manger, and Mary had to wrap him in strips of cloth to keep him warm. (vv12)

Song 6 The Lullaby (Five very young girls gather round the crib to do a circle dance around the baby)


Almighty God,

Help us at this special time of the year to remember all those who have no food, no warmth or shelter. Our Christmas would be even more meaningful if you could show us how to give to and how best to serve those in need.


The Christmas Story: Day Three. (Characters: shepherds, angel, Mary, Joseph, baby, wise men, camels, lamb)

The first to be told the wonderful news, that at last a Saviour had been born, were shepherds in a field watching over their sheep. Announcements and proclamations of good news usually were for the ears of the rich, the powerful and the famous, and only then passed on to the people… it has always been that way. But in this case God chose to tell poor, ordinary, hard-working people first. They heard the angel's message of a new- born Saviour; just watch how they reacted. (Luke2vv8-20)

Song7 :- Shepherds on a hillside( Enter shepherds searching for wolves, and gazing at the night sky, when they see a heavenly host. They fall down on their faces in awe. In the final verse they run off to Bethlehem)

Narr:- Emmanuel, God-with-us, Son of God, Saviour, Messiah, the Christ………….all grand titles for the baby who had just been born, but he was also to become known as the lamb of God, a lamb being prepared for a sacrifice, whose blood would set people free from their sins one day.

Song 8:- Jesus Lamb of God ( Joseph receives the lamb as a gift from the shepherds while the three angel puppets dance, worshipping the new born king)

Narr:- And then there came visitors from the east, foreigners. They too were among the first to recognise and worship Jesus.

A star had appeared in the sky, and they were sure it would lead them to a new-born king, one who would be a great leader. But it must have been a very long and hazardous journey for them.

"A star will come out of Jacob; a sceptre will rise out of Israel",(Numbers 24vv17) was what the ancient scrolls said. Would they find what they were looking for?

Song 9: See the Star ( enter the three wise men riding camels, again made with thin plywood on rods, and they weave their way in and out as they journey through the hall and straight out, all the time following the star)


Almighty God,

There were those who ran to see your Son, those who knelt before him in worship, and those who looked on in awe, yet we so easily ignore you and forget you,

Help us to know you better.


The Christmas Story: Day Four. (Characters;Herod,henchman,wise men,Mary, Joseph, baby)

Narr:- Herod was a very nasty man! HE was the king of the Jews, and here at his royal throne some wise men were telling him of one who might be about to take his place. He was not pleased to say the least, but he hid his real feelings from them.(Matthew2vv1-8)

Song 10 :-Herod was a nasty man.( The verses lend themselves to solo and duet character parts, but we also added a henchman, Herod's right hand man, holding a cardboard bass guitar so that he can go wild as he plays it in the instrumental verse. Two girls also did a 'head banger' dance in this verse. Herod draws his sword as the wise men turn their backs to go in the final verse and sings 'give to him my offering' as though he means to harm the child)

Narr: And so they departed from Herod's palace, and went on their way, until the star came to a halt, right over the place where the young child lay. They went in and offered their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. (vv9-11)

Song 11:- Enter Three Wise Men. ( A screen pulls back to reveal the stable, and each king in turn offers his gift, then walks slowly backwards away from the baby, then turns and joins the end of the queue. Then they all turn and go out)

Narr:- Back at Herod's palace the king was waiting for the wise men to return and tell him where the child was. They'd said that they would come back, but unknown to Herod, they had been warned in a dream to return by a different route. He waited and waited for them, but then he realised that he had been tricked.(vv16)

Song 12: The Ramah Rap (Matthew2vvv18) ( rap dance possible here for children in modern clothing with hats back to front. Each time Herod yells "Go" in the final verse, the people in his court, i.e. the henchman and two scribes, run off to seek the child)

Almighty God,

There are times when we too live our lives selfishly, and we become jealous, greedy and aggressive. This is not your will for us, because you want us to love each other. Please take away this ugliness and replace our lives with beauty, and give us a sense of our own worth.


The Christmas Story: Day Five (Mary, Joseph,baby,angel,henchman, donkey)


Our Christmas Story is not quite over yet. For when the wise men had left the stable, and gone on their way an angel once again spoke to Joseph in a dream, and warned him that Herod's men were on their way to kill Jesus. (Matthew2vv13)

Song 13:- Listen Joseph part II ( once again the bed is needed, and Joseph puppet is made to lie in a horizontal position, while angel whispers in his ear)


So Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus set off for the land of Egypt. (Matthew2vv14-15)And so the prophecy was fulfilled which said, "Out of Egypt I called my son" (Hosea 11vv1) They hurried off into the cold and lonely night, and they escaped just in time.

Song 14 :- The flight into Egypt(In verse 1 Mary and Joseph busy themselves for a journey. In verse 2 they take the donkey a nd journey off together, In verse 3 , Herod's henchman comes in and searches the stable and kicks over the manger in his anger, because the child has somehow escaped)


Almighty God,

We thank for the story of Christmas; for the way in which its message still speaks to our hearts today. Come shine in us today and lead us on into all truth.


Song 15:- Light of Christ(Reprise of the opening medley, parts 2 and 3, to finish, complete with the dancers)

The End

I would like to thank Dave McRae for his support, for his keyboard skills and for singing the ‘Herod’ vocals. Also his arrangements of my songs, and printing the music out for me.

Les Watts for mixing and producing our sound tape, and of course for some additional keyboards.

Ken Hawker, composer of the tune Light of Christ.

Martin Brunton, (former pupil) keyboard player in 'Herod was a Nasty Man'

Frank Wappat of Radio Newcastle for his encouragement and support.

Renn Hunter of Axis Audio.

My thanks also to Mr S A Hickson and the Central Middle School for recognising the value of this project and for helping to fund this project.

My thanks to the choir of Central Middle School, Wallsend, especially soloists, Sarah Blakey, Kim Porter, Meisha Wallace, John Paul Campbell, Daniel Storr and Shaun Davidson, who sang so beautifully.

I would also like to thank the puppeteers who performed the five assembly mimes with such enthusiasm, and last, but not least, the Art Squad who helped me to make our life-size puppets.

I hope that your children, your youth clubs and/or churches enjoy performing it too, and that God will bless you as you re-enact this wonderful story !