Simon Son of John, Do You Love Me?

Water into Wine

Trust and Courage (Walking on Water)

Do Not Worry (Seek God's Kingdom First)

Miracles (The Healing of the Man with Palsy)

The Light of the World

Giving (The Widow's Gift)

New 2010/2011 season The Life of Jesus

The Baptism of Jesus 2010 January

The Temptations of Jesus 2010 February

The Disciples of Jesus 2010 March

The Parables of Jesus 2010 August

The Love of Jesus 2011 January

The Miracles of Jesus

The Humility of Jesus 2011 April

Still to come soon

The Lifestyle of Jesus

What did Jesus teach us about praying?

What kind of person was Jesus?

Why was Jesus arrested?

Why did Jesus have to die?

The Resurrection of Jesus

What did Jesus teach us about the Holy Spirit?

Jesus and the Future?