Conversation between two people, one who is a football supporter who enters suddenly off the street, complaining about all the emotionalism going on when he passed the church window; the other person is a church elder who apologises that the church has upset and distracted him in passing but then explains why praise is so important to a church. But also as the man leaves he explains all about his passion for football, and what it’s like on the terraces . . .

Man; Hey what’s goin’ on here like?

Elder: I beg your pardon>

Man; I was passing by your church just now and then I heard all this noise! It was awful! When I looked through the window you were all dancing around and playing instruments horns and pipes drums; there were people waving their hands around and clapping. What are you all playing at? You’ll wake up the neighbours! It’s just not on! Ordinary people in the street get sidetracked and distracted when they’re going about their business.!

Elder: Well I’m sorry you feel that way, but you see we have a saying in our churches that God inhabits the praises of his people; so when we PRAISE God with all our hearts and with the whole of our bodies, then we believe he is present right at the centre of our worship. Not only that but we think God deserves praise.

Man; Well, it ruined my day, to see such an exhibition of emotionalism!

Elder; Well again all I can do is apologise, but this is freedom , this our way of showing our devotion to the God we believe in.

Man; OK I accept that this morning; but I’ll be upset if I come past this way again and see grown ups acting like that again!

Elder; Well enjoy the rest of your day. Where are you off to, by the way?

Man; Oooh I’m off to the match! (he unzips his jacket proudly to reveal his team strip.)

Elder; And what will you get up to there?

Man; Ah man you wouldn’t believe it. The atmosphere is electric! Everyone is swaying here and swaying there, we make up chants and sing them; the roar rises up, we shout, we yell, we scream, sing choruses, if there’s a goal we dance and hug each other.

Elder; . . . Isn’t that just a tiny bit emotional?

Man: No it’s not emotionalism; it’s love. We love the team, we love the players, we love the ground, we love to score goals, we love to win! That’s what it’s all about. LOVE! ADORATION!

Elder; Precisely!

Man; hesitates looks awkward and shuffles out.