Hold on to love

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Hold on to love From the album, ‘Stir into Flame’

When your whole world feels like it’s collapsing round you, and you feel you are going under, then hold on to the love

of those around you, and to God’s. His love and theirs is what we need to cling to . . . they’re like lifelines, to save us when we are

floundering in that sea of despair, until such a time when we are safe again on solid ground. Sheila

Intro: E


E Am E

Hold on to love, don’t let it go!

Am B7

You may feel discouraged and your spirit sinks so low.

E A B7

But there’s a gift so precious, you must never let it go .


You must hold on, hold on, hold on to love.

E Am E

Do not be discouraged; the good outweighs the bad.

E Am B7

Fill your mind with laughter; don’t let your soul be sad. Chorus

Bear in mind the good times, and the happiness you’ve known.

Set aside black yesterdays for through them you have grown. Chorus

Draw closer to the Father, and know the peace He gives.

He’ll handle your tomorrows and show you how to live. . . in love Chorus.

Vocalist : Sheila Hamil

©1984 Sheila Hamil