Good Friday Outdoor Witness

An orphanage in Sarajevo was bombed by a mortar bomb.

Three aid workers were killed….several children were badly injured, including one ten year old girl.

When a doctor and nurse arrived they found that the girl was most seriously hurt. Action was needed or she would die….from shock or loss of blood

There was no adult with the correct blood type

The doctor asked the nurse to find out if anyone who was uninjured would give some of their blood to save the girl’s life. The nurse tried to make herself understood using what little language she did have , and she also used sign language.

One reluctant volunteer raised his hand: He was a little boy called SERGE.

So she set him up for the transfusion, all the time he was very stiff and silent… and very anxious …He sobbed…He began crying, his fist in his mouth.

Is it hurting? The nurse asked.

It was then he was questioned by a Yugoslav nurse, who spoke in his own language. It was then that great relief spread on his face.

‘He thought he was dying’ explained the second nurse He misunderstood you. He thought you wanted him to give all his blood, so the little girl could live!’

‘But why would he be willing to do that? Asked the first nurse.

She replied, ‘He is her friend!’

Greater love hath no-one than this, that one should lay down his life for his friends

Jesus, by his death, demonstrated his love for us fully, and he did it willingly, just like this little boy was prepared to do.

He calls us today to be his Resurrection people, an Easter people, people filled with His peace, his joy, His compassion in this world.

He calls to those on the fringes, those who watch on, not to be onlookers anymore, but to walk the way of the cross, and put to death the old life, which is full of sin and selfishness.

He wants us to become involved, but commitment is the hardest part, the most painful part. Like the boy in the story we come kicking and struggling wanting to say 'yes,' but really saying 'no'.

It all sounds really drastic, but the benefits and rewards of being a Christian, far outweigh the sacrifice. Our world is enriched, colours are more brilliant, sounds are more sweet, people more lovely, forgiveness more easy to bear.

THE risen Lord must walk this earth again, will you let him live in you?

Will you say your 'Yes' to him, today?