The Pharisee and The Tax Collector (Update)

The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (revised version 2011)

Narrator : Two people one day came into church, one was a Pharisee, the other a Tax Collector. The Pharisee stood up and this is how he prayed.


I am your faithful servant God, there’s no-one serves likes me,

look around at all these others, and you’ll see. (nods towards the congregation)

They’re lazy, self-centred, their faith~ not all that strong,

But I cannot be faulted for I never go far wrong.

I smile a lot, I’m popular, a pleasure to have around;

People realise I’m important; my good deeds all abound,

A pillar of the church I am, reliable and sound!

Without MY Sunday offering, this church here would fall down! (looks up at the roof)

I give my money to the poor, well, I give them what I can,

I say my prayers quite often, and I’m your biggest fan God,

But I’m pleased I’m not like HER/HIM, her/his life is such a mess,

S/he’s really quite pathetic, but I’m sure s/he TRIES her/his best.

(motions towards the other person)

So come on God, give me credit? I’m sure you must agree

You must be filled with so much joy…. to have a child . . . like me?

Narrator: The Tax Collector would not even raise his eyes to heaven, but hung his head in shame and whispered……

Tax Collector: Oh God . . . I’m so sorry! (this person speaks right from the heart)

Narrator: As you watch them leave this place, ask yourself which person, God’s pleasure fell upon?