If I Have Not Love I Am Nothing


1 My soul finds its rest (Psalm 62. 1-8)

I don't know about you, but I sometimes worry these days about the state of the world, there's not a day goes by without hearing about some kind of violence; some form of man's 'inhumanity to man'. Sometimes we really can do something about it, but sadly much is outside of our control. But God is our confidence and strength.Psalm 62 gives great comfort to those who need a strong rock upon which to stand,

© 2002 Sheila Hamil

2. An amazing love

I suddenly realised one day that God actually loved ME! I had always understood this to be so in my head, but never realised it in my heart! He loves you too.

© 1991 Sheila Hamil

3 When we were young

An old sepia photograph of my older sister and myself inspired this song. We had a very happy childhood, and we've lots of happy memories. The last verse reflects that we both share the same faith and the same line of work! Everyone should have a sister like mine.

© 2004 Sheila Hamil

4. With Your Tiny Hand Wrapped Round My Finger

Holding one's first grandchild in one's arms for the very first time is a sacred moment. This song is dedicated to Luke, who was born on July 29th 2004, the very same day my Father died in 1969.

© 2004 Sheila Hamil

5. Brighter Than The Brightest Star

Katie, our second grandchild was born in January 2006. She was a premature baby, born 13 weeks too early. How we worried, how we prayed. She's wonderful now, such a blessing to us all.

© 2006 Sheila Hamil

6. May your blessing be upon them (Psalm 23)

Initially this song was written for my daughter Sarah, who was working at the time, in India. She was only 18 years old. I didn't know quite what to pray, so in my mind I would take her for an' imaginary' walk through Psalm 23 and offer her up to God.. Why not as you listen to this song, pray for someone you're concerned about?

© 1995 Sheila Hamil

7. Make time for love

I think a lot of people today put work commitments before family and friends. They're simply far too busy, for genuine reasons of course! We need to prioritse! I'm guilty your honour! But I am doing something about it now.

© 1993 Sheila Hamil

8. If I have not love ( 1 Corinthians 13)

I wrote this a song especially for my son's wedding, and sang it at the ceremony with Garth Hodgson.

What better advice could I give Stephen and Dionne than this famous passage from scripture?

© 2002 Sheila Hamil

9 I'm looking for a person I once knew

Before ministry as a priest took over my life, I used to have some really blessed quiet times, alone with God. I think he's been looking for me for some time now. Yes I pray, but have I lost that sense of real intimacy? Have you?

© 1995 Sheila Hamil

10. Don't be sad and lonely (Philippians 3. 12-14 & 4. 4-8)

For those who have deep regrets from the past, which they can't get out of their minds.

There comes a time to stand and press on regardless, to forgive and move on.

© 1988 Sheila Hamil

11. Help me see with your eyes

I have been crucified with Christ, and no longer live, but Christ lives in me!'(Gal 2.20) says Paul. 'The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.'

Oh that we could see with the eyes of Jesus, and hear with his ears, walk where he would have wanted to walk, do what he would have wanted to do…He can live again in us!

© 1988 Sheila Hamil

12. For I know the plans I have for you (Jeremiah 29.11-14)

Lord you have plans for my life, help me not get in the way.

© 1995 Sheila Hamil

13. Be Thou my Vision

On this CD you will hear a group of folk singer friends, all from different groups based in the North-East, particularly Durham area, coming together with a common purpose and a common mind…to give thanks for the life of our dear friend, Harry, who died of Motor Neurone Disease. This hymn has also been recorded on the CD 'Golden Days and Friendly Faces.' (See website for North-East Motor Neurone Disease Trust.)

Words: Irish (C8th Century) Translated: Mary Byrne and Eleanor Hull.

Music: Traditional Irish Melody arr. Colin Hand

14. Our Father (The Lord's Prayer)

Music score available soon. My thanks to Eddy and Andrew for allowing me to use their version of the Lord's Prayer on my CD. See info@saintz.co.uk for more of their music.

Music/ Arrangement © E Nixon & A Ridgwick

* songs 1 and 3 copyright Pete Scott

song 6 - copyright Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd, Cantebury Press, Norwich

song 10 - paraphrase from The Smile of Love, Joyce Hugget, Hodder & Stoughton

song 13 - extracts from An Introduction to Celtic Christianity, T & T Clark Ltd

song 14 - extracts from The Book of Common Prayer, Cambridge University Press