Question Time ~ The Resurrection

Using David Dimbleby's Question Time programme, we bring up arguments about the Resurrection of Jesus. Once more the pupils from Churchill Community College have taken up a 'write a drama for Easter' challenge. This is what we all came up with.

Does the panel think?

David Dimbleby:

Welcome to Question Time!

My name is David Dimbleby, and I'm speaking to you from the *Auditorium at Churchill Community College, Wallsend.

Our first guest on this week's panel of experts is Gaius Gallius, leader of the Roman Guard, responsible for the death of Jesus of Nazareth.

Next we have the mother of Jesus:- Mary. I know she won't mind me mentioning that there was great fuss around at the time of the birth of her son, and many questions were asked about who was the real father of her child.

Then we have, Annas, an expert with honours in Religious Affairs; a key member of the Pharisee Party.

And finally we have Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus, who, by his own admission, had many doubts about who Jesus really was, but who is now a firm believer in the cause of Christianity.

Our first question from the floor is from ----- N------ of -----hometown-------------

N: Do the panel think that Jesus really was raised from the dead?

Annas: Jesus did not rise from the dead any more than you or I could have done. It was a trick! How can anyone possibly believe that that could happen?

No the truth is that he was not actually dead when he was put into the tomb, and the cool air revived him. Then he simply escaped!

Gaius: No, I can't agree with that because I, personally, made sure he was dead before we took him down from the cross. One of my soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and blood and water suddenly flowed out, a sure sign of death. Anyhow, if he did revive himself in the tomb, how could he just move that heavy stone by himself? And you forget, my men were there on duty.

Thomas : And I actually saw him myself in the upper room. I put my fingers in the holes in his hands and feet. He told me to, because I hadn't believed it were possible either!

Annas: Alright then, let's say there was a twin involved.

Mary: I think I'd know if I'd given birth to two babies! You can ask the shepherds, the wise men from the East, the innkeeper and his wife and my husband if you don't believe me!

Annas : OK, then there was a 'look alike'!

Thomas: I tell you it was Jesus! He didn't even look injured as he walked. He was alive! How could a 'look alike' have had injuries like that and not been crippled or in agony.

Mary: And I think I would know my own son!

Annas: Well there has to be a logical explanation! It's quite obvious to me then that the disciples came in the night, while the guards were asleep and stole the body!

Gaius: My soldiers don't fall asleep on the job! They'd be executed if they did.

Thomas: Besides the history books will one day show that many of us were actually put to death and tortured for our faith! Would we put ourselves through all this for a lie?

Mary (to Annas and Gaius) Have either of you hidden the body of my son?

Annas: Don't be silly, if we had, we would produce the body as evidence, wouldn't we?

Gaius: I'll say so!

Mary: Well then, it makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Annas: (sounding desperate)No, I realize now what happened. Those who claim to have seen Jesus must have been on drugs. They were just hallucinating! They only thought they saw him! Or it was a trick of the mind!

Thomas: I wouldn't take drugs, that's not how I was brought up, and anyway lots of people saw him at different times. On one occasion 500 people saw him at once. If they were on drugs or hallucinating, wouldn't everyone see different things?

Annas: (panicking) All right, let me think! People don't just rise from the dead. I know …a thief took the body!

Thomas: In that case the expensive linen cloth and the oils would have gone too.

Gaius: And besides you still need to remember my guards were on duty!

David Dimbleby: Well it appears that no satisfactory explanation can be given!

Gaius: Well, I said it then, and I'll say it now, perhaps this man really was the Son of God!

Annas: Oh hold your tongue!

Gaius: (literally holds his tongue and says) Don't you tell me what to say.

David Dimbleby: I think at this point we need to take a break. The situation's getting rather sticky.