Heeding Warnings

(Resource Pack 27) KEY STAGE 1&2

VISUAL AID: A Jar of Peanuts (most joke shops sell these ‘exploding’ peanut jars. They’re quite safe, only plastic covered springs inside)

It's about time we listened to people who give us advice. We don't always see that parents and teachers speak from experience. They know the kind of things that can bring us harm.

Learn to listen to warnings; they could save our lives.

A story goes with it about a king who had invited a beggar in from the streets to eat from his own table.

The king showed the beggar his banqueting table, and invited him to take whatever he wanted. When he looked, the beggar could not believe his eyes, for there in front of him was the most lavish spread he had ever seen in his entire life... stuffed turkeys, roast swan, succulent venison, even a large pig which had been roasted over the fire. It had a big apple in its mouth.

'Eat whatever you like,' said the king. 'But whatever you do, you must not eat the peanuts!'

The beggar agreed and the king hurried out to tell the servants to bring in the vegetables and the rich gravies and sauces. The beggar looked at the peanut jar, and wondered what could be wrong about eating them....but in came the king again.

'Come' said the king, 'see the roast parsnips, the buttered carrots, the duchesse potatoes and petit pois.'

'Eat whatever you like,' he said. 'But whatever you do, you must not eat the peanuts!'

The beggar said that he would not dream of touching the peanuts, and the king hurried out to tell the servants to bring in the dessert dishes; Chocolate Sundaes, Banoffee pie, Sticky Toffee Pudding and a Baked Alaska.

The beggar reached out and lifted up the peanut jar....but in came the king again, and he hastily put it down.

'Choose whatever you want, eat as much as you like,' said the king, 'but don't whatever you do, look inside the peanut jar!'

'I won't , said the beggar, and off again, went the king, to ask the servants to bring in the coffee and fudges and chocolate mint wafers.

The king was away for some time, the beggar had all that food to choose from, and he reached out for the peanut jar, he looked around to see if the king was coming. He gazed hungrily at all the food, so much choice, but then he picked up the jar of peanuts, which he'd been told not to eat, and he gently began to prise the lid off.

OFF IT CAME!!!!!(the springs all pop out, and hopefully give everyone a shock)

Explain that there are many harmful things in this world, but God has surrounded us and blessed us, with adults like our parents , teachers and grand-parents who want to protect us from being hurt.

It’s up to us to listen to them so we won't get hurt, and that we'll be safe as we grow.

John 14. 6