Basketball Challenge


Visual aid: A basketball

( an older child as volunteer will be needed from Yr 7 or 8)

My most recent assembly just before the holidays was an idea my nephew Graham came up with some time ago. (He once played for the Newcastle Eagles, until injury prevented him continuing.)

He once challenged a child in assembly to take a basket ball up the aisle, dribbling it there and back, but when the child repeated the exercise, Graham put a new set of obstacles in the way!

Please find those obstacles below.


The first set of obstacles came in the form of children blocking the way of the basketball player on his second journey up the aisle.

Children carrying cards stood in his way . On the cards were written



ill health

deep hurts

job losses


The basketball player had to try and dribble around them, and come back to his place.

Obviously a talented person must be selected.

It was explained that these are obstacles on our journey through life which cannot really be avoided. Sadly they do happen, and some people don’t cope very well, in these circumstances.

The second set of obstacles were things we CAN do something about.

New cards were held up by more children to prevent the basketball player dribbling the ball on his way.

The cards this time read

wrong attitudes


bad habits


These kind of obstacles, are ones we CAN prevent, and they hinder us the most, if we let them hold us up on our journey.

The baskerball player did manage to get round the obstacles, but it was much more difficult.

Thank you Graham for the idea.