Ezra the Scribe

Artwork: Harry Lisgo

Ezra, a scribe, scholar and teacher, played an important role in the return of the exiles to their homeland after captivity in Babylon.

This song tells of the time when Ezra stood in the square at a place called the Water-gate, and read the scriptures to the people gathered there.

The people all wept as they began to realise just how far they had strayed from God’s word.

We must never underestimate the effect of God’s word to change lives, or the impact that one person can have on a whole community of people.

Each time we read a passage of scripture, let’s pause for thought, and ask what could God be saying to us?

A challenge for children:-

Why not read a children’s version of the Bible, and say which stories you enjoy the most in both the Old and New Testament.

Take turns in telling the rest of your class your favourite story.

In groups act some of these stories out.

What is an exile?

*exile: one who has been driven away from one’s homeland

‘The Exile’ describes the captivity of the Jewish people in a place called Babylon from the year 586 BC .

29 Ezra (Ezra 7.1-10 & Nehemiah 8. 1-18 )

(to the tune Miss Polly had a Dolly)

Now Ezra was a scribe,

who read the ‘Book of Law’.

Taught the people all

they’d never heard before.

He read it from the dawn

until the noon day sun;

with his little team of helpers,

t’was a Marathon!

And as the people heard it

they began to cry.

Listen very carefully

and I’ll tell you why.

The people had been ‘exiled’,

didn’t know they’d sinned.

Said Ezra, “Go and dry your eyes

and come back again.”


For seven long days

the holy word was read.

I bet they thought about it

even in their beds.

And so they decided

all of them as one,

that they would all repent,

before the day was done!

© words Sheila Hamil 2012