The Word of God

(Resource Pack 15) KEY STAGE 1, 2 &3

VISUAL AID: A Magic Bible, a superb resource which can be obtained from

The Magic Bible is a fairly thin book and its page edges are trimmed in such a way as to give people the impression that it is (when the pages are flicked over) :-

a) first a blank book

b) then a black and white picture book and

c) and finally a book full of coloured pictures.

The bible is a very special book. To some it has very little meaning; they can’t see anything at all within its pages. For them it is a dead book, their minds are blank, their ears are deaf to it, their hearts closed. (flick and see empty pages)

To others it is an interesting book; perhaps they heard it read to them as children, at school, at home, or in church, here we see it (in black and white- flick).

But, sadly, it is not a book they read now. To them it is dull and uninviting, a book of the past, only fit for a dusty shelf.

But to others it is a living word, inspired by God.

(flick through to reveal the coloured pages)

They find that in the Bible, God teaches them lessons about life for today.

They find that God corrects them through it, when they take wrong paths in life.

They feel that it helps make things clear to them.

It helps them know how to live good lives, and not be selfish.

It is to them the book of life and colour, a very exciting book.

Not just (black and white - flick)

Nor empty…(blank pages - flick )

But meaningful. (colour- flick)

2Timothy 3. 14-16