Deborah Judge and Prophetess

Artwork: Carville Primary School Pupils

Deborah was a strong-minded woman; a judge and prophetess, much sought after for her wisdom and understanding.

People from far and wide came to tell her their problems, and she sat under a palm tree as she listened to them.

When their army went into battle, their leader Barak, insisted on her going with them to help them make decisions.

  • Who in your circle of friendship seems sensible and wise? What makes you think so? What are their other star qualities?

  • Deborah helped others with their problems, like an agony aunt in some magazines today. Make up a problem and write to her to ask her advice.

  • Begin: “Dear Deborah . . .” Then write back as if you were Deborah, solving this problem.

  • Make a list of all the famous women you know from: a) History b) The Bible c) Recent times d) The present day.

  • Try to find out if any of them had difficulty in their chosen career because they were women and not men.

14 Deborah (Judges 4. 4-16)

(to the tune ‘Old MacDonald)

Deborah, judge and prophetess,

wife of Lappidoth,

solved people’s problems all day long,

underneath a palm.

Her mind was keen, razor sharp.

Woman with a lion’s heart.

Not afraid to have her say,

her wisdom saved the day

No woman had such drive as she,

full of energy.

Always busy as a bee*,

she set her people free.

Full of courage, what a star!

Commanded men and played her part.

Not afraid to have her say

Her wisdom saved the day.

Barak, son of Abinoam,

was told by her to go,

and take with him ten thousand men,

to rise against the foe.

She went with them, so ‘queenlike’,

gave the order when to strike!

Not afraid to have her say,

Her wisdom saved the day.

© words Sheila Hamil 2012

  • The name Deborah means ‘a bee’, and she did keep herself busy just like a bee. Look up your own name and see if you are true to its meaning.

Why not look up the names of every child in your class