In the Beginning God Created

(This drama was acted out one morning during a week of Harvest themes, in assembly at school. The children needed very few props to act this drama out; only a torch, two fig leaves, a large plant and an apple)

In the beginning, God spoke his word, and said ‘I think I oughta

Create a world’…and so His Spirit, hovered over the waters…

When all was dark and without form, God created light

The darkness became quite separate and he called the darkness ‘night’.

Above was a dome, and he felt quite at home, way up there on high,

So He looked upon the heavens and decided to call it ‘sky’

And as he roamed the waters foamed; he said,”It’s just as I feared,

There’s far too much water all around, and just then dry land appeared.

He was filled with mirth as he named it Earth; he was overcome with glee.

And He planted trees and spread some seeds, for the likes of you and me.

All the plants, the shrubs and seed , He put there to give us food,

And God sat up and looked around and saw that it was good.

The sun, the stars, and the moon were his, formed in the shape of a ball

And they shone so brightly, they graced the skies, to light the way for us all,

“I’ve no-one here to call my own, no creature to be in charge,

So I’ll make him the double of me,” he smirked,

“But obviously not quite as large”.

So He took some dust, as one must, and he gave him the breath of life,

And God made man, to walk on land, but as yet there was no wife.

“Come here my man and listen good!”, Adam heard God cry.

“You can eat your fill, of any food, but eat of this and you’ll surely die.”

He pointed to a great big tree, of the knowledge of good and bad.

Take good care to heed my words, and then you’ll not be sad.

But first God had a job to do, to make creatures large and small,

And he brought them to Adam, to his delight...and he asked him to name them all.

“Giraffe, elephant, serpent,, aaa and Fred”

Then God made woman , so man‘d not be alone, he just put him to sleep and stole one of his bones,

Then.................... He shaped it into a big surprise, and Adam woke up..... and couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Cor!” said the man....and“Cor” he said again. And “Wow”, she said to him.

And they were so happy, so in love that they both began to sing.

(Baa Baa Black sheep~ or something similar)

“Sssssssssssssssssssss” hissed the serpent “What on earth’s going on?

I will tempt them both and it won’t take long,

To undo all the good that God has done

Just you watch me have some fun!

So he took the woman to the forbidden tree, and tempted her to eat,

And she fell straight for his cunning plan and the woman then knew deceit.

For she handed the fruit to Adam too, and she didn’t need to fake it,

And as soon as wisdom came to them , they realised they were NAKED!


God soon found out, it wasn’t hard see what had gone on.

And He was mad, that they’d been so bad so He cast them out of the garden.

“Get out you fools, you had it all, I gave all this to you,

And you now you’ve blown it, it’s now too late, and I cannot grant you pardon!”

Now there’s a lesson to be learnt, here from this story,

Don’t live like fools, obey the rules and give your God the glory.

Genesis 1&2.