Jacob’s Dream

Artwork: Battlehill Primary School Pupils

Jacob was on the run, and his brother Esau was following him, seeking to kill him for stealing his father Isaac’s blessing from him.

Jacob rested for the night, and while he was asleep, he dreamed a dream about a stairway, which reached all the way up to the heavens, and he heard God’s voice speak to him.

At this point in his life, Jacob had no home, no family, no respect for himself. He knew he had been dishonest and sly. He knew he had hurt his brother deeply.

And yet God was right here with him, and he was amazed that he was making promises to him. God was blessing his future life and family.

  • There are a lot of strong emotions in this story, but no matter what we feel like or what we do, God is with us, and close to us, and only a prayer away. What situations have you been in that you would like to pray for?

  • Might it be that God is closer than you realise, and only a prayer away?

Draw your own picture of Jacob’s ladder using only the colours yellow, brown, black and white

9 Jacob’s Dream : Genesis 28. 10-17

(to the tunes ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’

and ‘I’m gonna sing, sing, sing)

So Jacob journeyed on, and when it was time for bed,

taking a stone, he made a pillow

and placed it under his head.

‘Twas there he dreamed a dream,

oh such a dream, of a stairway, so immense.

From the earth it reached up high,

he was sure it touched the sky.

“What a night! What a dream!” Jacob sighed.

There were angels going up,

there were angels coming down,

on that stairway oh so high.

As he slept there on the ground,

this is what he found,

God spoke, there above him, right out loud.

“I am the Lord your God, of Isaac and Abraham.

To you and all of your descendants, I’m giving you this land.

And they will bless the world, like dust they’ll spread out far.

And I’ll be with you all your days, watch you wherever you are!”

“Surely God is in this place!

Surely God is in this place!

He was here and I knew it not!

House of God, heaven’s gate.

How awesome is this place,

it must never be forgot.”

(now sing this last verse again along with the next two, all three together)

“This is the house of God. (Swing low tune)

He was here and I knew it not!

Surely this is the gate of heaven, it must never be forgot!”

“House of God! Heaven’s gate! (When the saints)

God was here I knew it not!

Oh how very awesome is this place,

it must never be forgot.”

(repeat this last verse at the end)

© words Sheila Hamil 2012


A prayer of confession brings peace to our hearts, not only forgiveness of our sins.