The Story of Easter (Magic bag and Ribbons)

(Resource Pack 2) KEY STAGE 1, 2 &3

VISUAL AID: Magic Bag with a secret compartment, in which can be found a single streamer of different coloured ribbons all sewn together.

Invite a child to check that the magic bag is empty, then, mysteriously draw out the long ribbon, beginning with blue.

BLUE: A special child, God's own son, was coming into the world, from heaven itself to be its Saviour, this was Jesus.

GREEN: But many people, beginning with King Herod, were jealous of him and angry. Later when Jesus was a man, the leaders of the people heard his words, and when they saw how the people loved him, they were full of hatred.

YELLOW: Many people were sick, some were dying. As Jesus travelled around the land, he healed them.

BROWN: Jesus told many simple stories about ordinary life; the trees, the fields, the flowers, the workers…but he gave those stories meaning, teaching us lessons of life through them.

SILVER: Those who were jealous of him thought of ways in which to kill him, and they persuaded one of his friends to betray him, and they gave him silver coins. His name was Judas.

PURPLE: Jesus was arrested, and later some soldiers gave him a crown of thorns to wear and a cloak of purple, and they laughed at him, because the people had thought him to be a king.

RED: They crucified him on a cross of wood, and blood flowed from the wounds in his hands and feet.

BLACK: And the sky turned black, as he gave up his spirit and died. After three days he was raised from the dead….his friends could only find the grave clothes he was wrapped up in. They could not find his body.

GOLD: Jesus had risen! His body was not in the tomb. He himself appeared to many of his disciples until the time when he returned to heaven to be with His Father. He had much to teach them from the Law and the Prophets first.

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