a story of heaven

This is really a Mime with narration.You will need props, i.e. white face masks, one brown one, black clothing, long wooden chopsticks, with padded ends for safety: also a microphone for Narrator. This drama invites people to take their place in responsible giving.

Background music; Enya :The Memory of Trees

(Music interlude 16 secs; while characters walk into positions: 5 or 6 'inmates'of hell/ heaven, in black/ wearing masks/holding chopsticks, face away. Narrator is the gatekeeper standing to one side: guide in brown mask waits in the wings; the warrior also wears a mask)

Narrator (reads whole script, interspersed with mime and music)

In Korea, there is a legend about a native warrior, who died and went to heaven. ( warrior enters [10secs of music] as if a daze gazing around in wonder, he bows before the gatekeeper)

Before I enter,' he said to the gatekeeper, 'I would like you to take me on a tour of hell.' The gatekeeper found a guide to take the warrior to hell.

(he beckons, in slow motion, to the guide, who enters slowly and places his hand gently on the warrior's shoulder. He leads him to far side of stage. )

When he got there the warrior was astonished to see a great table piled high with the choicest foods. (guide points slowly to the figures who slowly turn round, as if in pain and torment,) But the people in hell were starving. The warrior turned to the guide and raised his eyebrows. (he turns)

'It's the way,' the guide explained. 'Everybody who comes here is given a pair of chopsticks five feet long; (the figures raise their chopsticks; they struggle helplessly to feed themselves) and everyone is required to hold them at the end to eat. But you just can't eat with chopsticks five feet long if you hold them at the end…

…look at them. They miss their mouths every time, see?'

(10 seconds more, they gaze on them)

The visitor agreed that this was hell indeed and asked to be taken back to heaven immediately. (the figures turn away to face back wall again, then the guide takes him again by the shoulder and they walk across to where the narrator stands. There the guide points to heaven).

In heaven, to his surprise, he saw a similar room, with a similar table laden with very choice foods.

(The figures turn round making happy gestures to one another) But the people were happy, in fact they were radiantly happy!

The visitor turned to the guide. 'No chopsticks, I suppose? He asked.

Oh yes,' said the guide, they have the same chopsticks.( they take out their chopsticks from behind their backs, and one at a time, they feed another, and are fed in return)

They are the same length, and they must be held at the end, just as in hell.

But you see, these people have learned that if a man feeds his neighbour, his neighbour will feed him also.

(The guide gives the warrior a pair of chopsticks and so he takes his place in the middle of them, and is fed, and he returns food to each one . When music comes to a close, or when the music is faded out, wait ten seconds and move back to seats.)